Cyprus Tourism

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About Cyprus

Cyprus, although a small country, has a rich cultural heritage, which is evident from the vast number of ancient monuments and sites, castles and forts around the island.

The weather is fantastic, the scenery stunning, with some glorious beaches, the nightlife is excellent and Cypriots even drive on the left and speak English. Cyprus is now one of the more sophisticated islands in the Mediterranean, attracting tourists from all over the world who come not only for the sunshine but also to see its many historic sights. The remnants of many past civilisations can be seen here and legends and myths abound, while nature lovers can delight in the island's beauty from the varied scenery of its coastline to the pine-clad hills of the interior.

Cyprus becomes more and more popular every year. To some people it is an old favourite; to others making a first visit, it is a delightful discovery.

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